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Earn More This Christmas!

E-Commerce Accessibility Masterclass

Increase your sales this festive season by improving the accessibility of your marketing tools.

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Designed for E-commerce Business owners and teams

Retailers in the UK could be missing out on online sales estimated at £17.1 billion a year, according to research.

Due to poor accessibility, 69% of people with disabilities  end up clicking away from sites that they find difficult to use.

Which sucks for you, and for customers who want to buy what you’re selling - because it’s just not easy enough for them to do so.

So, before you gear up for the festive season, take a pause.

Is your marketing accessible for all of your potential customers?

Create a bigger buzz.
Increase your audience.
Grow your business.

This masterclass will show you how to fill in the gaps in your  marketing whilst still showing up as yourself.

Are you ready for an even more successful Christmas season?

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What makes this masterclass different from other marketing workshops?

The Accessible Shop Guide cover shown on a tablet. 5 things to get right to grown your inclusive business.

Grab your free workbook!

When you book to join us, you’ll get a workbook in the form of a pdf to download!

Keep this safe, it’ll help you during the class to try out the exercises - plus there will be some bonus examples in there too!

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Lovely words people have said about working with us!

Emma Greer

As a copywriter, I was very comfortable writing the words on my website. Designing it, though? That's a whole other story. After spending two years frustrated with my self-build, spending hours trying to fix glitches, and cringing at the design, I knew it was time to call in a professional - and Rachel was the first person I thought of.

Jo Shock
Client Onboarding Specialist

After seeing Rachel's very useful LinkedIn posts about website accessibility, I jumped at the chance for her to review my website. On the call, she ran through what was and wasn't accessible on my site and helped me to see some easy changes I could make. If you're interested in making your site more accessible, I highly recommend getting Rachel's valuable help.

Romy Baird

Rachel was so professional and approachable throughout working together on the website for my small podiatry business. As a healthcare professional, tech isn't my strong suit, and Rachel not only knows her stuff, but can explain it in a way that even I can wrap my head around! She also brought in some personal flair whilst designing the site, and nothing was too much trouble.

Leona Burton
Digital Creator & CEO

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your incredible work in helping businesses to create branding that caters to those who are visually impaired. Your commitment to accessibility is truly remarkable.

Kelisha Taylor
Healing Mentor

Lou’s wealth of knowledge has changed my business. Helping me to be more conscious about the people I unconsciously exclude.

Kate Mitchell

You have really enlightened me Louise, I didn’t realise how many people I have potentially been excluding from my business.

Janine McDonald
Home Organisation Expert

Louise’s descriptions and explanations of how to use social media to ensure accessibility are both easy to understand and to implement.

Samantha Jayne Harradine
Founder & Facebook Group Expert

You are doing an amazing job impacting so many businesses, helping us become more inclusive, thank you.

Rachel sitting at her desk with a laptop open. She is smiling down at her phoneA selfie of Louise looking at the camera.

Meet your guides!

Louise Plunkett helps businesses to improve their social media by sharing her personal journey of living with severe sight loss. She offers a range of services from courses, to 1:1 or group coaching.

Rachel Mess works with businesses to transform their website and branding, whilst putting a real focus on ensuring it’s accessible and inclusive from the ground up.

Together, Rachel and Louise share a passion for helping businesses offer a more user friendly digital experience, increase their audience, and boost sales.

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Who is this for?

If you have an e-commerce business, aka if you sell any products online, then this is for you!

I sell my products on Etsy / Amazon / Ebay, will I still find this helpful?

Absolutely! No matter what marketplace you sell on, there are accessibility solutions available. Plus we’ll also be showing you how to make your marketing more accessible too, to help boost traffic to your store.

How does accessibility help my business?

By making your business more inclusive and accessible, you’re able to get your products seen my more people, whether it’s someone who uses a screen reader, or a person who struggles to read certain fonts. By considering all of your potential customers, you’re able to stand out from your competitors online.

All the Details

Grab your spot: Christmas success awaits!

1st November 2023