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A Newbies Introduction - Welcome To My Blog

Hello! I’m Rachel, and I’m a newbie to the world of running your own online business - or any business for that matter. Well, I was an Avon rep for a couple of years when I was about 12, but my wee Mum really done most of the work 🙈

Over the last two years I’ve spent A LOT of time, and money learning the basics of Web Design and how to run an online business. Why? Essentially because I want to work for myself, and specifically solely from a laptop so I can earn a living doing something I enjoy, whilst having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Travel junkies, welcome 💛 So on the 1st of September 2021, with two clients booked in for the next couple of months, I handed my notice in at my full time job, and here we are. You can read a little more about my story here

Why am I blogging?

I don’t know about you, but I probably follow 15-20 accounts of people who educate me with advice on running a business, how to make an income whilst traveling, marketing, strategies, SEO, the works - and they inspire me to do my best. But, it can be really overwhelming when you’re constantly absorbing info from people who’ve been playing the game for 3 years+. I’m really just at the start of everything. At the time of writing this, it’s been 10 weeks since I left full time employment. I've literally just published my website. I’m a complete newbie! So my hope is that some of you might be at a similar place, and we can connect and support each other without feeling stressed out and isolated.  

As a web designer, I’ll hopefully be able to offer you guys some help with how your own websites can be optimised for your business, with tips and advice on SEO, design and copy.

What will this blog be about?

My mission is to educate business owners, but also encourage and cheer on women and creatives who are either working for themselves already, or dreaming of the day they can finally hand their notice in at their day jobs. The aim of this blog to be honest, so not only will I be posting about web design, SEO and advice, but I’ll also write about travelling, balancing adventures with work. I’ll post reviews on systems and courses, showcase women I’ve worked with - there’s a few topics, which I really hope you enjoy! 

Who am I writing for?

Are you a business owner (or aspiring business owner) who wants tips for how to improve your website? You’re in the right place!

How can you get involved?

Comment below or DM me at rachelmessdotcom if you have any questions, suggestions,  or just want to say hi! I’d love to meet more online business owners so please feel free to drop me a message 💛

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