Financial Advisors Website Glasgow

A light, friendly website for Financial Advisors in Airdrie

Affinity Financial Planning came to me because their site was outdated, and in need of a major refresh.

I created a user friendly website that's easy to update, and that they're proud to share.

built in 4 weeks
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A desktop shows the Home page with a background image of a loch, white writing and two button below. A mobile shows a their services and FAQ Section
Homepage screenshot. An image of a loch in the background. White text on top reads "Face to face financial advice" with two buttons below
White background with 4 cards linking to different services
white background with 6 cards. On hover, the card turns to reveal text on the other side.
White background with three columns show the three step process for securing a mortgage with Affinity
FAQ Section, white background with teal text.
Meet the team screenshot showing two bios.
About page screenshot, text over. a background image reads "welcome to affinity financial planning"
3 screenshots showing Affinities Home, About, and Income Protection Insurance pages.
5 Mobile's on a teal background show different pages of Affinity's website including a mortgages, pension, and insurance page. A white, teal, and turquoise colour scheme is used throughout.
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It'd be nice if it worked on mobiles...

It's crazy how many website's have been created just in the last 10 years that weren't responsive on mobile. Affinity's old website was built in roughly 2015, and yet didn't work on mobiles. It was also full of stock images that didn't mean anything, or looked super dated.

Affinity Financial Planning help people in Scotlands Central Belt with all things financial advice, so it was important to pull together imagery that reflected the area, and customers they help. As a local company, Affinity is committed to delivering a face-to-face service, where they can get to know potential clients on a personal level.

Before we started working together Tom and Adies website hadn’t been touched in 4-5 years.

Their problems were:

  • The site wasn't mobile responsive
  • It wasn't GDPR compliant
  • Dated stock images that didn't fit the companies brand image
  • Super text heavy which didn't encourage people to get in touch

A dated "about" page with a graphic at the top showing the process of how the company works, and then a numbered list with the heading for each point in a bright colour.

Our goals for this project were to give Affinity a site that was a helpful resource, and gave a great first impression

  • Highlighted their reviews
  • Had a modern, clean interface
  • Looked great on mobile devices
  • Easy to manage themselves after launching
  • Showcased their roots & values

The Results

Website Confidence

Gone is the website shame that held the Affinity team back from proudly sharing their website with others. Plus Tom and Adie now have total control over their site, so if they want to update a service, they can jump in and make quick changes easily.

Up-to-date details

Affinitys website is now completely up to date, so Tom and Adie don't have to worry about old statistics from 2014 or pages for services that they no longer offer. They know exactly what is on their website, and have even integrated helpful calculators to assist clients from the get-go.

Mobile use has increased by 20%

Although their old site worked on mobile, it hadn't been designed with mobile use in mind. Now it's easy for clients to browse the site wherever they are.

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