May 24, 2024

Your Brand Style is: Boho Pretty

Calm, holistic, and feminine.

You got Boho Pretty? Well then your brand should hero natural elements, a wee bit of vintage charm, and maybe some eclectic patterns. You value individuality, open hearts, kindness, creativity, and travel. Your goal (and challenge) is to create a cohesive brand identity that allows your personality to stand out, whilst making your audience feel calm, accepted, and at ease as they go through your website marketing materials. 

Connection Driven

Whether that’s a connection with your clients, the earth, family, or your love for travel, it’s important for the Boho Pretty brand to show how they connect with what matters to them.

Can you incorporate that into your branding with decorative icons, or an element in your logo? This might not be the best fit for you, but if you love nature, what’s stopping you from adding beautiful illustrations into your branding, to show that side of yourself?

Fonts & Colour Palettes 

The go-to font style for most Boho-Pretty brands, is a script / handwritten typeface. Accessibility wise, a script font isn’t the best, however, it’s important that your branding has a clear identity. So, the key here is to balance out the boho style, with a user-friendly font. 

My tip, is to only use a script font for accent text, like small labels above your headings, or side note that adds to the feel of your brand, but doesn’t necessarily have to be read.

To keep the whimsical or handwritten feel without relying on heavy script fonts, check out typefaces like The Seasons, Safira March, and Kalam.

Three white cards with examples of fonts, The Seasons, Kalam, and Safira March

A soft colour palette, inspired by nature is the only way to go for a Boho Pretty brand. The good news, is that there’s a lot of options that nature gives us. 

You might prefer the neutral tones of desert sands, with touches of pink. 

Maybe you love the sea, and gravitate towards whites, bright turquoise, ocean blue, and coral accents.

Or perhaps you’re a forest lover, and you’re drawn to forest greens and autumnal shades of orange and yellow.

The feeling you want to create is one of calmness and peace, so keep your colour palette light, to create a feeling of harmony and escapism. 

Mood board showing a neutral colour of cream, burnt orange, and green accent colour. Accent images of desert, woven baskets, a woman taking a photo.
Mood board with purple colour palette inspired by midnight, crystals, and rocks.
Mood board with blue colour palette inspired by the sea and sand.

Combining Boho Pretty with other styles

If you took my Brand Style Quiz, then you might have got a couple of high scoring styles. If you did, then that’s great!

Let's break down how you should approach a combo-result:

Boho Pretty and Retro Pop: How to combine retro feel with boho? There’s a few ways, the biggest key is your colour palette, because you really want to nail that calming nature feel, with a couple of fun funky colours added in. For fonts, styles like The Seasons, Recoleta and Wild Mango combine that retro yet whimsical feel.

Boho Pretty and Rainbow Unicorn: These two pair together pretty well, by leaning into pastel colours, and investing in custom illustrations that represent you, and your services, you can create a beautiful aesthetic that combines the whimsical feel of Boho Pretty, and the fun feel of Rainbow Unicorn. 

Mood board combines Boho Pretty and Rainbow unicorn styles. Palette is bright and colourful, taking inspiration from flowers and rainbows.
Mood board combines Boho Pretty and Retro Pop styles. A colourful palette with mustard, tangerine, and teal pop, taking inspiration from retro prints and patterns.