May 23, 2024

Your Brand Style is: Bold Minimalist

Bold. Minimal. Beautiful. 

Your goal is to make a strong impact, and not shy away behind fluffy pretty details. You’re all about simple and clear messaging, so let’s make sure your branding reflects that. 

The Bold Minimalist style embraces clean lines, white space, and a restrained colour palette, often sticking with no more than 3 colours (if any), not including neutrals. 

Purpose Driven

Like in a minimalist home, where every item on the shelf is there for a reason, the Bold Minimalist brand style is the same. You value clarity, confidence, and sophistication, so every element across your branding, and your website should serve a purpose that shows who you are, and resonates with your audience. 

But how can you add more interest across your website, if you have less decorative elements? Animations are your best friend here, adding depth and style to your website whilst embracing white space and short succinct messages. 

Fonts & Colour Palettes 

Your choice of fonts play a pivotal role in conveying the Bold Minimalist ethos, with sans-serif fonts being the go-to due to their clean and modern appearance. Check out fonts like Josefin Sans, Montserrat, and Teko, which are great choices for any Bold Minimalist. 

3 white cards showing Josefin Sans, Montserrat, and Teko fonts in bold black text.

For your colour palette, a monochromatic palette is a natural choice for a Bold Minimalist, so you might go with black, white, and a shade of grey. Or perhaps you’d like to work in a little more colour, which is absolutely fine! The key to a bold minimalist colour palette is that it’s restrained, so you’re not going to go too mad with the amount of colours in your branding.  

Embrace the negative space, which is a crucial element to making this style work as it provides a breather for your users eyes, and also emphasises the importance of each element which is on the page. Incorporating subtle geometric shapes and lines can also add a layer of sophistication and guide the viewer's gaze through the website. 

Ultimately, Bold Minimalism is all about making a strong impact with fewer elements. It’s a testament to the opinion that less is more, with each element serving a clear purpose, so that the overall effect is striking and sophisticated.

A monochrome mood board featuring greyscale colour palette, and black and white images
A minimal blue colour palette showing a logo in large bold text, and accent images.
A green theme moodboard shows a 3-colour palette of green and white, strong green logo, and accent images.

Combining Bold Minimalist with other styles

If you took my Brand Style Quiz, then you might have got a couple of high scoring styles. If you did, then that’s great!

Let's break down how you should approach a combo-result:

  • Bold Minimalist and Timeless Elegance: Sophisticated and bold, with a touch of elegance? Easy. Introduce a couple of additional shades to your monochrome colour palette, to add layers and depth into your website. Partner a bold, sans serif font with a more decorative one. Check out fonts like Poiret One, Market Deco, which are still easy to read. If you'd like to incorporate a script font, make sure you only use it as an accent font, and don't use it for any paragraphs.
  • Bold Minimalist and Unicorn Rainbow: Keep the bold font, and embrace the negative space of the bold minimalist, but let's bring in some colour! With a side of Unicorn Rainbow, you can go wild with your colour palette. Remember to test your pairings for contrast, as it's crucial that your content is easy to read.
Moodboard showing how to combine Bold Minimalist and Timeless Elegance styles. Monochrome palette with 5 shades, black and white images.
Moodboard showing how to combine Bold Minimalist and Unicorn Rainbow styles. Bright colour palette of pinks, blues and purples. Colourful accent images.